Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lydia Boda


day two I went over the first and second page again. I used water color pencils to draw a dragonfly wing. I also did a gesso transfer with the little dragonfly and drew on top of it with ink.

I have decided to continue to grow the word cloud at the bottom of the page throughout the whole thing to. Its all my thoughts of this project and what I'm thinking about. pretty much Unreadable except for a few words that are darker.


Day three I cut a page into triangles, stitched them together, then drew more triangles with pencil.


I used water color pencil and regular pencil(again). I continued with the triangular theme and wrote a bunch of mathematical formulas that had something to do with triangles. I then drew a big triangle in the middle and brushed it out. The scribbles to get a wash was my way of scratching out math, because I am not a big fan of that subject.