Thursday, December 16, 2010

Completed St. Louis YWC Journal!

Wow! Its done! The St. Louis Young Women's Caucus Art Journal is complete! Its been in the works for 4 months and tonight it has been wrapped up to be sent off to its first exhibit of 2011. Travel safely....

This is the front cover.

Side view - coptic stitched - took me 2 days to bind do to the cold I have.

The journal is about 2 inches thick! Includes, painting, drawing, stitching, collage, prints, cutting, text, and more... works by 8 artists each making entries for 1 week.

Title Page

I would like to thank Autumn Randell, Kate Freeman, Katie Tulk, Lydia Brockman, Rebecca Orf, Angeles Jonske, and Lyda Boda for participating in this project. I know that it was hard to make time for this project every day for a week. The results are amazing.

Each Artists also included a short artist biography. It will be interesting to look back on this book to see where we were in 2010 and where we went from here.

Colophon - It was fun to write as documentation to this project.

Back cover....

For those who hesitated about getting involved because of the time commitment but then wished to / or ones who found out about the project to late - dont worry - there will be more projects in the future! Thanks for your support for this project and this group of YWC-STL members. There is room for everyone in WCA and internal caucus YWC.

This art journal and the other YWC art journal that are involved with this Traveling Journal Project will traveling during the year 2011. During the month of July they will be displayed in St. Louis, venue "to be announced".

To many future art projects for WCA-STL and YWC-STL,
Roxanne Phillips

Katie Tulk bio

Katie Tulk was born in California in 1985 where she was raised by a small pack of wild desert dogs. Her family having perished in the draught of 91, she migrated to St. Louis Missouri to pursue her fortune. After completing a 13 year apprenticeship with a local Shaman, Katie attended an anonymous school of witchcraft and wizardry, where after she obtained her BFA from Maryville University Saint Louis.

While at Maryville, Katie concentrated on a wide range of mixed media, including found object, 3d and fiber art. Katie currently works in fashion and visual merchandising, and is married to an African prince.They reside happily in St Louis, where they own seven unicorns, and a small Jewish bakery called J-tarts. Katie enjoys creating couture garments and interior fashions, and is currently examining things in a very creative manor.

Katie Tulk pages

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lydia Boda

I used pen and drew what ever came to mind... I was feeling quite random.

DAY SIXI used wire that I had left over from another project, I was trying to see what I could do, and how well the wire was manipulated, it was not easy but I actually enjoyed it.

I used pencil and did a bunch of 2 minute ribbon study's, I was kinda sad in the picture they are pretty light. but all is good!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lydia Boda


day two I went over the first and second page again. I used water color pencils to draw a dragonfly wing. I also did a gesso transfer with the little dragonfly and drew on top of it with ink.

I have decided to continue to grow the word cloud at the bottom of the page throughout the whole thing to. Its all my thoughts of this project and what I'm thinking about. pretty much Unreadable except for a few words that are darker.


Day three I cut a page into triangles, stitched them together, then drew more triangles with pencil.


I used water color pencil and regular pencil(again). I continued with the triangular theme and wrote a bunch of mathematical formulas that had something to do with triangles. I then drew a big triangle in the middle and brushed it out. The scribbles to get a wash was my way of scratching out math, because I am not a big fan of that subject.

Friday, November 26, 2010

DAY 7: Angeles (Angie) Jonske

This week has really gone way to fast for more ways than one! This last piece is conceptual as my others, but on a lighter note. I have always been a day dreamer...most of the time when I was little I think I was in my own world more than I was everyone else's world. What can I was a fun place to hang...using the imagination, making up stories and worlds of my own. In this journal world, there are pixies and flying fairies.
It's been fun...

Mixed Media: collage, ball point pen, acrylic, house paint, duct tape, masking tape and probably some more stuff.
Have a great holiday season!
angeles jonske, signing out.